It works, it's easy and it's safe

EDS systems are harmless, inspected and certified

EDS systems are based on electro-physical principle. They are silent and will not harm humans, animals and the environment.

EDS models have specific operating radii and the building size will determine the choice of model, which is then installed in a central location. All that is required is a 220 V power outlet; no structural work is necessary for activation and optimum output of the EDS system.

Specifications of the EDS systems:

  • EDS-7 - 7 m
  • EDS-14 - 12 m
  • EDS-20 - 16 m
  • EDS-40 - 18 m

Effective radii are dependant on wall material characteristics and can vary.

Operational voltage: 220v, 50-60 Hz Power consumption: :

  • EDS-7 ca. 6,0 W
  • EDS-14 ca. 6,4 W
  • EDS-20 ca. 6,9 W
  • EDS-40 ca. 15 W

Maximum peak power for all models: 12W

Utility costs per year: 10-20 CHF

External dimensions (BxHxT in mm):

  • EDS 7/14/20 260x230x149
  • EDS 40 260x230x240

Connecting lead approx. 1.5m

The EDS systems do not wear and are maintenance free and come with a 5-year warranty. Warranty extensions and additional measurements are available on request.

The GS security label (safety inspected), awarded by the SLG Inspection and Certification GmbH, certifies equipment safety, and is coupled with stringent production monitoring.