The solution:EDS by Extracom

Dry walls thanks to gentle physics

Dry walls save time and money. Resolving the problem of capillary infiltration with conventional methods involves time and effort. What is needed is an effective, environmentally sound, and sustainable alternative. This alternative is called EDS, electronic dry system. This electro-physical process has no impact on the environment, is cheap and requires no major work. EDS will dry damp walls efficiently and durably.

The system is simple. Using precisely modulated radio impulses, a weak magnetic field, which acts upon the water molecules and reverses their charge, is created in the wall. This process is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. The equipment is fully certified.

EDS products incorporate the latest technology and have been extensively field-tested. The various models can be used anywhere from small family homes up to larger buildings, such as churches. By combining two or more EDS systems, even very large buildings can be efficiently covered.