Durable protection against humidity

The advantages of the EDS system

  • EDS maintains the value of your property. Damp walls reduce the value and generally require repeated renovations at substantial expense.
  • EDS fights moulds and fungi. Dampness favors the development of moulds and fungi, which can seriously affect the health of humans and animals.
  • EDS eliminates odours caused by rot and mildew and improves your living environment. Within a short time, odours disappear, humidity levels go down and your home becomes much more comfortable. The ecological balance of the structure is re-established.
  • EDS reduces damage caused by the explosive pressure of salt deposits within the walls. EDS inhibits the movement of these salts and thus extends the lifespan of plaster and paintwork.
  • EDS counterbalances energetic disruptions and eliminates atmospheric disturbances, boosting the well-being of the occupants.
  • EDS is simple to deploy; absolutely no structural changes to the building are necessary. EDS spares you costly and complex repairs. EDS is clean, durable, uses no chemicals and is completely silent.
  • EDS allows for flexible use of existing rooms and cellars.
  • EDS can be used to assist in drying walls and eliminating odours after water damage caused by flooding or burst water pipes.